Alpaca Fibre for Sale

We sell natural alpaca fibre straight from our alpacas and direct to those people wishing to spin their own yarn. This is raw fleece, unprocessed, but hand cleaned and highly suitable for hand spinning. We have a range of lovely natural colours from soft off-white through rich fawns to dark browns. No grey or black available at the moment.

Much of our annual alpaca fleece clip is used in commercial production for a wide range of products. We do however hold back a percentage of selected “special” fleeces that we prepare as “show” fleeces and for display. These fleeces come from our top quality alpacas and are usually of very low micron with a beautiful soft handle. They are keenly sort after for light weight craft spinning and knitting.

Currently we have the following fleece for sale.

Super fine baby alpaca:

ColourWeight MicronPrice per kg
Pale fawn 1.3 kg 13.5u$45.00 + gst
Medium fawn2.8 kg14.5u$45.00 + gst
Darker fawn3.0 kg14.5u$45.00 + gst
Lighter brown1.6 kg15.5u
$45.00 + gst

Super fine intermediate alpaca:

ColourWeight MicronPrice per kg
White2.8 kg14.0u$40.00 + gst
Pale fawn1.5 kg14.3u$40.00 + gst
Medium fawn2.3 kg14.5u$40.00 + gst
Darker fawn2.8 kg15.5u
$40.00 + gst

We often have other fleece for sale, than that shown above, so please ask and we will try to meet your fibre needs.