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Paul with Millduck Tyson

Millduck Tyson arrives to take up stud duties

We welcome the arrival of our new medium brown stud male from the well known Millduck Alpaca Stud in Australia. MD Tyson has impressed with both his genetic background (MD Oregon and Banksia Park) and with his dense and stylish fleece. He will start his stud duties at Waratah Flats as an “in-house” stud male, adding another layer to our colour breeding programme.

Impressive fibre test results for stud males

The fibre testing results for the Waratah Flats alpaca stud male team (shorn November 2015) have continued to show impressive returns following the testing of mid side samples earlier this year.

  • Forestglen Seth (10th shearing) 19.8u, 3.6 SD, 18.2 CV and CF of 99%
  • Waratah Flats Fire Cracker (6th shearing) 20.7u, 3.6 SD, 17.5 CV and CF of 99%
  • Waratah Flats Rising Star (5th shearing) 22.0u, 4.1 SD, 18.5 CV and CF of 96%
  • Waratah Flats Hat Trick (4th shearing) 22.8u, 3.4 SD, 15.0 CV and CF of 98%
  • Waratah Flats Imp Wizard (3rd shearing) 18.8u, 3.4 SD, 18.0 CV and CF of 100%
  • Waratah Flats Krakatoa (2nd shearing) 16.8u, 2.9 SD, 17.3 CV and CF of 100%
  • Waratah Flats King Kong (2nd shearing) 15.6u, 2.1 SD, 13.2 CV and CF of 100%

These impressive micron levels, coupled with the low SD readings, continues to give our stud males a very soft handle to their fleeces. We are also seeing these fine fibre traits passing to their offspring. We now look forward to this years shearing.


Fire Cracker on stud duty

Following a number of successful years in the show ring, WF Fire Cracker is now out in the local alpaca community on stud service duties, having has spent much of the summer at several high profile stud farms in North Canterbury. We already have a number a classy cria sired by this male and we wish the current breeders well from his services.

With four Supreme Championships to his credit, plus a string of other broad ribbons, this stunning young medium fawn male is one of the best males we have bred to date from our International Fleece Supreme Champion, Forestglen Seth.

As you can imagine we are very proud of WF Fire Cracker, with his super soft fleece that is densely packed on to his true to type frame and it is not hard to see why the judges also like him so much. This male is a real winner.

2014 fleece stats (5th fleece) very impressive – 18.7u, 3.4 SD, 17.9 CV and CF of 100%.

If you are interested in finding out more about Waratah Flats Fire Cracker or you are considering using his stud services, then check out his details under Stud Males on the home page or just give us a call.