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Shearing and fibre testing results

We are always looking forward to shearing time at Waratah Flats, as this is the time of year that gives us the chance to look closely at the fleece production of each of our alpacas and to measure their progress through the years. We were delighted this year that many of our key breeding females continued to display excellent returns on their fibre testing, while our top stud male continued to impress.

Our top 10 adult breeding females (4 to 8 years) averaged 19.8 microns

While our top 6 breeding stud males (3 to 9 years) averaged 18.3 microns

All our intermediates (1 to 2 years) averaged 17.5 microns

And all our juniors (9 to 12 months) averaged 15.8 microns

Over the years we have prided ourselves at reducing the micron count across all age groups within our alpaca herd as part of our breeding goals and see the production of high quality fine fibre as the major goal for the future of alpaca farming worldwide.