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Impressive fibre test results for stud males

The fibre testing results for the Waratah Flats alpaca stud male team (shorn November 2015) have continued to show impressive returns following the testing of mid side samples earlier this year.

  • Forestglen Seth (10th shearing) 19.8u, 3.6 SD, 18.2 CV and CF of 99%
  • Waratah Flats Fire Cracker (6th shearing) 20.7u, 3.6 SD, 17.5 CV and CF of 99%
  • Waratah Flats Rising Star (5th shearing) 22.0u, 4.1 SD, 18.5 CV and CF of 96%
  • Waratah Flats Hat Trick (4th shearing) 22.8u, 3.4 SD, 15.0 CV and CF of 98%
  • Waratah Flats Imp Wizard (3rd shearing) 18.8u, 3.4 SD, 18.0 CV and CF of 100%
  • Waratah Flats Krakatoa (2nd shearing) 16.8u, 2.9 SD, 17.3 CV and CF of 100%
  • Waratah Flats King Kong (2nd shearing) 15.6u, 2.1 SD, 13.2 CV and CF of 100%

These impressive micron levels, coupled with the low SD readings, continues to give our stud males a very soft handle to their fleeces. We are also seeing these fine fibre traits passing to their offspring. We now look forward to this years shearing.


Hat Trick now working

We are delighted to report that WF Hat Trick is now producing positive results with several alpaca females having scanned pregnant to him from Feb/March matings. In fact WF Hat Trick is so keen to work that we have packed him off to Qtaz Alpaca Stud in the North Island, where he will be standing at stud for a few months before returning to Waratah Flats in the Spring.

WF Hat Trick – 3rd fleece stats = 17.9u, 3.0 SD, 16.7 CV and CF of 100%

He has recently been accepted as one of the elite stud males picked for this year’s Alpaca Expo stud male service on-line auction. We hope you will support this auction and place your bid for WF Hat Trick, however if you do miss out, them he will be available for outside matings in Canterbury from about mid October 2015.